Subject: Re: disabling IPv6 in Bind9
To: None <>
From: Hanspeter Roth <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/09/2004 17:46:04
  On Dec 08 at 16:23, Christos Zoulas spoke:

> In article <>,
> Hanspeter Roth <> wrote:
> >
> >Which version is required?
> >On one host I have 9.2.3nb4, but it doesn't accept `-4'.
> I am running 9.3.0 everywhere.

I had run named with `-4'. But also when named is not running these
AAAA? requests occur when submitting mail. So it seems it doesn't
be an issue with named.

So it seems it depends also on the client. With `ftp' only a single
AAAA? occurs then following only a couple of A?s.

With sendmail for some seconds a couple of 'AAAA? smarthost' appear.
With define(`SMART_HOST', `[]') mail submission is
much quicker.

I had also tried 
CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Name=MTA, Family=inet')
CLIENT_OPTIONS(`Name=MSA, Family=inet')

But this didn't help.