Subject: Re: "Selling" NetBSD to the IT Department
To: Louis Guillaume <>
From: Asmodehn Shade <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/08/2004 22:38:56
Just to post a word, because I see no reference in your post...

Did you think about Wasabi systems ?

Louis Guillaume wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a major project that is in the planning/testing/proof-of-concept 
> stages right now. This is a major project that will involve hundreds of 
> users in our organization.
> In the mix is a NetBSD file server running netatalk services for the 
> Macintosh users. The scenario works great. I could not be happier or 
> more confident with this solution.
> But the "higher-ups" are like, "What is NetBSD? Is it Linux?"
> And I have to explain, which I've done fairly well, in writing in my 
> proposal (still in draft).
> The feeling I'm getting is that this doesn't stand a chance because 
> nobody knows about our fine OS.
> Their requirements include having some for of "Commercial Support for 
> whatever product we choose." Now I know that there is no support that 
> can match these mailing lists; however there is some creedence to their 
> strict requests:
> . Suppose a problem arises and only the lowly operator is there. They 
> need to have a telephone number to call for support. Such an operator is 
> really someone who swaps tapes, runs maintenance tasks, and adds/deletes 
> users from certain systems. They are entirely involved in procedural 
> work and not in design/analysis or programming of systems. However, in a 
> pinch, they need to be able to follow procedures given by admins and 
> support folk.
> Anyway - let's assume that their policy is un-bending. There must be 
> "Commercial Support".
> . Does anyone provide telephone support for NetBSD (or specific 
> implementations thereof?)
> . What about specifying appropriate hardware for the job and being 
> involved in the configuration/implementation?
> I'm hesitant to post to the list asking for bids on a specific project, 
> but I am not unwilling to do so. Is it ok to do something like this? The 
> netbsd-jobs mailing list is practically unused, and I don't know what to 
> think of that.
> I really don't want this project to go down the RedHat road just because 
> they have the kind of support that is acceptable. Considering a 
> successful NetBSD implentation, there may be room for other services to 
> be using NetBSD. But we must first convince, or "sell" the product to 
> the powers that be. But how?
> Any help will be most appreciated.
> Louis