Subject: Re: console scrollback ?
To: Mike Parson <>
From: Ian Main <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/08/2004 12:34:09
Actually I've been trying to use ssh-agent with screen and it doesn't do 
what I want.  I wonder if you have solved this?

I run ssh-agent screen, fire up a few screens, do my ssh-add, and it 
works it's magic while I'm connected to that session.  Soon as I 
disconnect from screen and reconnect my ssh-agent isn't running anymore 
(or at least ssh-add fails to connect to it).

There a way around this?   What I really want is to have my key 
permanently in screen :)

Mike Parson wrote:

>Someone else already mentioned this, and I'll second it, with more info,
>use screen.  It's in your hated ;-) pkgsrc under misc/screen, but as
>also mentioned, you can get the binary packages.  Its GNU, so there's no
>binary redistribution limits outside of the standard GNUish stuff.
>With screen, you have configurable scroll-back, as big as you want it.
>You have lots of virtual terminals, I think with the default compile,
>you get something like 30 of them.  You can cut & paste between them,
>using simple keyboard commands.  You can start a job at home, detach
>from your screen session, go to work, re-attach, your stuff is still
>You can share a screen session with someone else, either both on the
>same terminal, or not.  We had this at one of my previous gigs, a screen
>session that was logged into all of the major systems on the production
>side of the network, both sysadmins connected to the same screen
>session, either of us could quickly jump between hosts to fix/modify
>things, or watch what the other one was doing, w/o having to get up and
>look over the other's shoulder, made it easier to say, "hey, let me
>drive for a second," and the other would just take over typing.
>I've been running screen for 10+ years, I can't imagine having to manage
>networks and systems as large as I have without it.  Combine screen with
>ssh, ssh-agents, and the perl gsh utilities modified to use ssh instead
>of rsh, you can quickly get a lot done on lots of systems, with minimal