Subject: Re: xen question
To: Roberto Pereyra <>
From: TLD <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/08/2004 20:41:22
Roberto Pereyra wrote:
> A question about Xen port.

The NetBSD-xen mailing list exists exactly for these questions :)

> I have some questions:
> -  I need always a linux host for boot DOM0 ? If it's true, why ? 
> -  I can use a NetBSD host for do it ?
> - I can use only NetBSD for use Xen in DOM0 and the others domains ?

As long as you use xen 1.2, you can use NetBSD as a DOM0.
There's a NetBSD-xen LiveCD (DOM0) at , it's called
NetBSD-2.0E-LiveCD-20040428.iso.bz2 with the accompanying file README.LIVECD.


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