Subject: Re: xterm && screen && (lynx || centericq) == garbled
To: None <>
From: Henry Nelson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/07/2004 07:09:26
On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 04:16:59PM -0800, Ben Collver wrote:
> I run lynx and centericq within GNU screen.  When I am attached from an
> xterm, sometimes switching to a lynx or centericq window will garble the
> screen.  It looks like it is displaying the wrong character encoding or

I don't know centericq.  I use lynx and mutt within GNU screen daily.
My emulation is PuTTY on WindowsXP -- worlds apart, but similar in many
respects to xterm.

Seldom (or never) do I experience "garble the screen ... like it is
displaying the wrong character encoding".  Occasionally I will loose
the default foreground color (off-yellow changes to white) set via
PuTTY.  (Still, I do find myself pressing ^L a lot, mostly in nvi.)

> something.  lynx is using BSD curses.  centericq is using ncurses.

For my own knowledge, can someone confirm whether or not NetBSD's native
curses is the same thing as ncurses?  Thanks.

About the problem, what curses did you use to compile screen?  If you
used ncurses (as opposed to ncursesw) perhaps that is the problem.  Did
you say you were using utf-8?  If so, you'll probably need a multibyte
capable curses.

One more tricky point is that the termcap (NetBSD uses this over
terminfo AFAIK) which screen uses is not the terminal description for
xterm (in my case PuTTY, which nevertheless announces itself as xterm).
This discrepancy causes problems.  I've worked on hacking the termcap
screen description which ships with NetBSD, and while its better (referring
only to color handling), there are still glitches.  When and if I ever
get the time, I'm thinking of trying to replace the description with that
for xterm to see what will happen.

Another problem not directly related is that NetBSD's locale capabilities
are limited.  Most, but not all, CJK locale problems can be dealt with
within Lynx.  (Mutt and nvi, not so.)

henry nelson
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