Subject: problem with tooldir On 2.0
To: None <>
From: Gary Parker <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/02/2004 09:09:12
I've been running 2.0RC5 for a few weeks now on my SPARCstation 20 and
compiles have been running quite happily. When the release version got
tagged in CVS I duly checked it out and got started building myself a

'./ tools' ran quite happily although I was confused to see that it
produced '/usr/src/tooldir.NetBSD-2.0_RC5-sparc' even though I'd checked out
the 2.0 release branch from CVS. Anyways, I compiled an SMP kernel quite
happily using these tools and without implicitly specifying that tooldir (it
automatically used tooldir.NetBSD-2.0_RC5-sparc for the kernel build).

'uname -a' duly reports that I'm running a 2.0, as opposed to 2.0RC5,

NetBSD wintermute 2.0 NetBSD 2.0 (WINTERMUTE.MP) #0: Wed Dec  1 15:28:11 GMT
2004  garyp@wintermute:/usr/obj/sys/arch/sparc/compile/WINTERMUTE.MP sparc

Now here's the fun part, I wanted to build a distribution to upgrade the
rest of the system with. './ -j3 distribution' duly ran through it's
cleandir and obj sections but when it got to rebuilding nbmake it put it in
'/usr/src/tooldir.NetBSD-2.0-sparc' (note the lack of RC5 there). Things
proceeded quite happily until much later in the build when it started
looking for all manner of other binaries which obviously weren't there as
'./ tools' put them in a different directory.

So, is this a bug in the build scripts or am I missing something obvious
like needing to specify where my tooldirs are built and where subsequent
uses of should look for them?

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