Subject: Re: What do you recommend?
To: Glen Johnson <>
From: Alex Dumitriu <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/24/2004 23:32:10

I am assuming from the fact that you refer to HyperTerminal that you
need to see the output from a serial connection. The simplest (and
built-in) answer would be tip, see the man pages for tip(1) and
remote(5) for more information. Tip does not, however, support
capturing to a file (at least to my cursory glance).

One step up would be minicom, which can be found in pkgsrc/comms. It
does everything tip does, is more user friendly, and can log output to
a file. Plentiful information can be found on minicom via your
favorite search engine.

For all-out serial management, you could step up again to conserver,
also in pkgsrc/comms. Conserver will run as a daemon and can log
output whether you're looking or not. It can also allow multiple
viewers to see the same serial output in multiple windows at the same
time. This is probably overkill for your needs.

Hope this helps,


On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 22:22:42 -0500, Glen Johnson <> wrote:
> Dear NetBSD-Users Group,
> I am an embedded software engineer and work on a system that can send text out
> of the system.  Currently it only sends out text, my debug info.  My desire is
> to use my i386 PC running Net BSD to display the output and maybe even pipe it
> to a file.  Windoze has HyperTerminal.  What should I use in the UNIX world?
> Kermit seems over kill, and pc doesn't look very reliable.  I am very
> unfamiliar
> with what would be appropriate application to use.  Any suggestions?
> To all of you in the USA, happy Thanksgiving!
> Thanks for any recommendations,
> Glen