Subject: Re: Centralized User and Password Management
To: None <>
From: Tillman Hodgson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/24/2004 10:41:00
On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 05:19:32PM +0100, Jukka Salmi wrote:
> Yes, sshd (at least on NetBSD 2.0 and -current) seems to be able to
> authenticate against a kdc (if KerberosAuthentication is set to 'yes').
> However, AFAICT xdm still needs to be patched to do this. That's why
> I use use /usr/bin/login (which uses the Kerberos libs) and start X
> manually using startx.

Note that KerberosAuthentication is for the the OpenSSH version 1
protocol, which you probably don't want to use. You'll find that newer
OpenSSH version suppose GSSAPI options which are the preferred path


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