Subject: Re: Centralized User and Password Management
To: Thomas T. Thai <>
From: Chuck Swiger <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/24/2004 00:18:43
Thomas T. Thai wrote:
> I'm curious what people are using to centralize authentication and user, 
> password, and services management. What are your thoughts on each? I'm 
> aware of these Open Source solutions:
> - NIS (YP) - insecure
> - Hesiod + Kerberos

The next two candidates would be LDAP and maybe even Apple's NetInfo.

People who like X.400 syntax and enjoy creating a maze of twisty little 
database schemas, all alike (except for when they don't actually work together 
right) seem to like LDAP.

People who want an alternative to NIS/NIS+ which is relatively pleasant to 
deal with might find NetInfo attractive, although I am not certain whether a 
port (or pkgsource?) of netinfod/lookupd and friends is available for NetBSD.