Subject: Re: moving a Windows user to NetBSD
To: Steve Bellovin <>
From: Joachim Thiemann <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/21/2004 12:53:31
> I'm going to be setting up a new NetBSD box for a long-time Windows
> user.  The applications are comparatively casual -- web, email, some
> word-processing.  I'm curious what environment people would recommend
> -- KDE or gnome, for example.  What mailer would be most familiar to 
> someone used to Eudora?  (Mozilla or Firefox are obvious choices for
> someone who's been using Firefox on Windows.)
While I've never used Eudora, I think that KDE would be the least 
amount of "surprise" for a new user.  KMail will most likely be the 
best mailer that "just works", so clicking on a link in a mail will 
bring up the browser, etc., so unless your user is looking for an 
_Outlook_ equivalent, it should be more useable.

Overall it is probably the environment that requires the least amount 
of fiddling on the user side.