Subject: Re: Sparc questions
To: Johan A.van Zanten <>
From: Benjamin Walkenhorst <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/19/2004 17:34:08

Johan A.van Zanten wrote:

Thanks! =)

> If you can clearly hear the drive over the fan, try a different
> drive. Higher RPM drives (7200 was a pretty big deal back in 1995) are
> sometimes louder than others. 
Like I said, not only can I clearly hear it over the fan, the hdd is 
louder than all my other computer
equipment combined. That's the sparc (It's pretty quiet without the hdd) 
and two PCs, one of
them carrying two harddrives, the other carrying two processors - none 
of which I considered
to be exactly quiet so far. =)

> You can get used 9 GB or even 18 GB SCA
> drives for very little money now -- less than $10 if you search.  You may
> just want to replace it.
That's good to hear - all SCSI HDDs I heard were that loud, but I'll see 
if I can get a quiet one.

>>3. Some keys on the keyboard don't work.
>Which keys?

It's a German keyboard, and the particular key that's bothering me sits 
near left bottom of the
keyboard and produces the following characters: '<', '>', '|'
Doing anything serious on the shell without these (especially the pipe) 
is quite annoying...