Subject: Re: Perl Update fuzz...
To: None <>
From: Brian <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/16/2004 07:04:23
On Tuesday, November 16, 2004, at 01:38 AM, Sean Davis wrote:

> With no disrespect intended, I've triied. pkg_comp built me a chroot
> full of packages (not in the sense of make package) that I couldn't
> use.

.. and even make package, installs first- so you cannot make a package 
on a system without turning stuff off...  I asked about it a couple 
weeks ago, and there's a reason, but still, you have to pkg_delete say 
your openSSH that is existing and working, to make package openSSH.  
That's still a correct conclusion, right?

pkgsrc is neat, and I like it still, but my main gripe is:  every time 
you do a make install for something, and a component needs updated, the 
message you receive contains in part:

-do a pkg_delete and reinstall
-recommended as the "best solution" is make update

it seems no one uses make update, in fact every 3rd person has a 
different workaround for it, as using the best recommended solution 
will in all likelihood nuke important parts of your system then error 
out and leave you stuck.  Has it always done that, or is it a new thing?

I think the recommended options should be edited.

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