Subject: wlan report
To: None <>
From: Sascha Retzki <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/13/2004 16:12:20
Hi folks,

The more and more wlan-devices I buy, the more I got this strange feeling that we
either don't support much or ca't support much. 

Here is a short list:
- Do never buy broadcast wlan devices, they don't use firmware, thus with an open driver/
open specs you could do unstandard things, or at least I heared so. EOF: not supported.

- Do not buy Netgear WG311 pci devices that has a "v2" somewhere. Ask your reseller to
open the box, look at the chip ( the big one with the netgear sticker ). Mine looked 
like: "NetGear 802.11 WG311 v2" or something. version2 uses Texas Instruments chip, a
talk to somebody in #netbsd came up with "openbsd folks asked for independed firmware".

- Looking at other comments in the ath(4) manpage ( I send-pr'ed so that point two comes
up in ath(4), too ) does not make me smile again.

- Somebody at irc reported some problems with finding an AP with wi(4). He seemed a bit
to .... to send-pr or whatever.

Lets make this list longer, so that users can look at the archive and see what the 
current status is.

Everybody who is happy with a wlan-pci card could tell me, it'd be great. I start to
dislike driving to resellers, buy some device, plug it in, sucessfully grep for 
"not supported" and give the device back. 


Sascha Retzki