Subject: Re: Perl Update fuzz...
To: Zafer Aydogan <>
From: Florian Stoehr <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/12/2004 11:47:09
On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Zafer Aydogan wrote:

> Hej Newsgroup,
> Why does updating  Perl 5.8.5 ("make update") leads to deleting the mysql
> server, client and a lot of other packages, which are actually up to date.
> That really screws up the whole system :/
> Even if they are dependencies of Perl, that doesn't mean to delete and
> recompile the whole thing.
> How can I avoid that ?
> I thought the pkgsrc System of NetBSD is one of smartest ?!
> Isn't it?
> Best Regards, Zafer.

Well, think about a library package: If you update it, all dependent 
packages should be recompiled and relinked against that new package. The 
system doesn not know that "perl" doesn't get linked in anywhere.

So the system behaves right here.

In your special case, maybe delete the "perl" with "pkg_delete -f", then 
reinstall it with "make install" - a "make update" will always rebuild 
dependent packages, no matter whether they're up to date or not.

I'm not a developer of the pkgsrc - this is just how I learned about it. 
Please correct my if I'm wrong.