Subject: Re: file system info tool?
To: Malcolm Herbert <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/08/2004 18:48:51
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On Sat, Nov 06, 2004 at 01:27:40PM +1100, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
  | |  Are there any benefits which outweigh this problem?
  | |
  | |The biggest benefit for me is that dump doesn't update atimes.
  | hmmm ... the manual for tar lists and option for it as well, so the
  | NetBSD version of tar looks to support that now as well ...

pax -t  does this as well.

Too bad rsync and rdiff-backup don't support this functionality;
atime preservation is important for new mail detection on mbox-style
mailboxes (and even though I cope with it, I don't like Maildirs
with 10000 mail messages in them; they ARE slower than mboxes)

  | |I also really like the 'nodump' flag (see cflags(1)), and use -h 0 to
  | |have this respected even on full dumps. My disks are bigger than my
  | |tape drives, and this lets me avoid dumping e.g. gnome/TeX goop in
  | |/usr/pkg, which I'm going to rebuild rather than restore if my disk
  | |dies anyway.
  | pretty cool, but same can be done with include/exclude lists as under
  | tar.  In some respects I would rate that a better solution, since it's
  | more obvious and explicit - if filesystem Badness happens, you may lose
  | that flag ... but then by the same token you could lose the list file
  | as well, so I guess we're even.
  | I can't seen a manual entry for cflags(1) on my system, nor on the
  | NetBSD website ...

I think Greg meant chflags(1).
chflags nodump is really handy; you don't need to maintain external
exclude lists, although you could derive the latter from a find(1)
of the former; I've considered this for my rdiff-backup backups.

  | memory is a vague thing - I seem to recall that dump uses the cpio
  | format on tape, or is that a completely different thing? You can't tell
  | I've used just tar all my profesional life since the incident mentioned
  | above ... :)

dump(8)'s file format is similar to the on-disk file system (ffs) format,
not cpio.


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