Subject: Re: dhcp networking problem
To: None <>
From: Brian <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/05/2004 22:35:38
On Friday, November 5, 2004, at 08:46 PM, wrote:

> So, pretty much everyone agrees that i have a problem with my
> /etc/resolv.conf.  dhclient is supposed to change that file to what it
> needs to be, but for some reason it isnt.  I could always supply the
> information, but i have no idea what to put in there since we all use

There's a script somewhere that's supposed to update it, but in 
reality, you're not going to see your DNS change much unless you are 
hauling a laptop around to different networks.

The how-to that I followed for setting up NetBSD via netboot onto my 
Cobalt box, said to just drop your DNS in there yourself; you can find 
that info on your ISPs web site support pages, usually a DNS and an 
alternate DNS are listed (by IP number, notice).  And/or, if you are on 
a cable modem and hooking into a home router/firewall, if you go to the 
config web page for your home router, the DNS IP that you will want to 
use will be indicated somewhere in the current status information for 
your router.

Myself, I'd just add it in by hand  to /etc/resolv.conf and likely you 
can forget about it from then on.


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