Subject: FreeBSD-like jail? And virtual hosting management interface?
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/04/2004 11:30:35
Has anyone worked on having a FreeBSD-like jail for NetBSD?

I know there has been discussion in the past, but I am wondering if
anything recent has been done.

I have a customer running an old Red Hat server with a commercial Ensim
virtual hosting solution that has been cracked multiple times (after new
Ensim reinstalls).

So I am looking for free and open source alternatives to provide a
web-based management interface.

The current product includes:

 - web-based interface for the server manager to add new virtual domains

 - web-based interface for the virtual domains manager to control their
own site: add users/email accounts, enable webpage, DNS, email aliases,
website log analysis, enable IMAP and POP3.

 - DNS server
 - HTTP and HTTP server
 - fastcgi
 - PHP
 - Frontpage
 - POP3
 - SMTP server
 - SSH access for virtual hosts (I think it might be jailed)
 - FTP server

 - It is also running mysql and postgresql. I don't know yet if either are
   needed by the customers though, but maybe.

 - some type of "bandwidth monitoring daemon to listen for usage reports
   from various applications"

 - uses IP aliases for each virtual host

I am looking for something for my customer (and his customers) to use with
a web-based interface. It may be useful to keep each virtual host in their
own jailed/chrooted environment. Although I don't want to replicate all
software to each users "home".

Any suggestions of a good virtual hosting web-based management system?

 Jeremy C. Reed

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