Subject: Re: 2.0rc4 boot hangs on via kt880 board
To: None <>
From: Matthias Buelow <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/30/2004 08:46:58
> I've bought new stuff -- amongst which is an ASUS A7V880 mainboard, 
> using the VIA KT880 chipset.  The board seems to run fine, Windoze runs 
> ok on it, but NetBSD fails on boot, hanging at "uhci: interrupting at 
> irq 11".  Anyone else running 2.0rc4 on a kt880-based board and has any 
> hints for me?

Update: This board is causing me nothing but problems.  Windows XP ran 
fine for about two days, now it's resetting the machine on each boot. 
FreeBSD boots but cannot write to the IDE disks (tells me something 
about DMA ICRC errors).  Linux boots, and works, but there's also one of 
the DMA ICRC errors in the log.  NetBSD, as said above, doesn't boot at 
all.  I'm now returning the board to the vendor and get one with an 
Nforce2 chipset instead (hopefully that works a bit better).

   Matthias Buelow; mkb@{mukappabeta,informatik.uni-wuerzburg}.de

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