Subject: SMBFS problem : permission denied - when file already open on the
To: None <>
From: George Abdelmalik <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/27/2004 10:13:12
Hi all,

I've been running with 2.0_RC4 for a number for weeks.  This NetBSD box 
is predominately used as a samba file server and central backup machine 
as it has a DDS-4 tape drive.  I use mount_smbfs(8) to mount file 
systems of Win 98, Win 2000 and WP boxes for backup purposes.

What I have observed is that having mounted one of these file systems 
(which are shared as read-only from their windows host) that if a file 
is already open on that host machine then access to that file from 
within the smbfs mounted file system is not permitted.    "Error: 
file.txt: Permission denied;"

This behaviour has been repeatable and I've also tried it out with 
2.99.9, which behaved the same.

My original thought was that it was probably a windows issue, but I've 
recently set up the same test trying a linux implementation (Mandrake 
9.2, kenrel 2.6.x) of smbfs which didn't produce this error.

I've also discovered a posting on a FreeBSD mailing list 
( which describes 
this exact same problem in their 4.9 release.  The problem has since 
been fixed in release 4.10.

As the NetBSD smbfs is a port from FreeBSD's implementation it is very 
likely that this problem has been inherited.

Is anybody able to confirm this issue?