Subject: Re: LFS stablity
To: None <>
From: Zafer Aydogan <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/22/2004 10:30:49
Hej Alex,

LFS is not ready for production use, as far as I can form an opinion about
that. It seems to be quite stable, but produces Errors, as soon as you pass
70% of the disk size; sometimes. (More or less, which depends)

Regards, Zafer.

>    Greetings all,
> I am wondering if LFS can be considered ready for production use in
> 2.0 (for values of 2.0 = building at least weekly from the release
> branch). I have a hardware RAID that will be under heavy NFS and Samba
> load, and I'm tempted to use LFS (this is all happening on i386, BTW).
> I've searched in the regular places, and have not been able to find
> information later than about 1.6.1, at which point the opinions were
> fairly ambivalent. Should I abandon the vain desire to always have the
> Latest and Greatest and just stick with FFS+softdeps?
> Opinions? Experiences?
> Thanks in advance, 
> -Alex Dumitriu