Subject: Secure my NetBSD hostap
To: None <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/19/2004 21:33:37

I've just set up a hostap with NetBSD/i386 and a PCMCIA NetGear WG511T (ath0).
Other wifis can do web through it, but windows gets the SSID (via broadcast I suppose).
I want to secured the network a bit more.

* How (if possible) can I disable the SSID broadcast (on the NetBSD hostap) ?
* Is broadcast enabled on wifi "workstation" (netbsd w/o hostap mode, or windows) ?
  aka, when some windows is configured (by hand), does it broadcast SSID too ?
  or is there only that "keep alive" thing ?
  (Yes, next thing is setp IPsec ;)

thX for help,


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