Subject: Checking +REQUIRED BY dependancies for installed packages
To: None <>
From: Robert Mohr <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/18/2004 21:10:50
Is there an easy way to check that the dependency requirements for =
packages are met, based on the contents of the +REQUIRED BY contents in =
/usr/pkgsrc hierarchy, rather than what is contained in /var/db/pkg?=A0=20

Either through failed builds from pkgsrc, or through my own mucking =
trying to get things to compile cleanly, I believe that the /var/db/pkg
+REQUIRED BY entries may not reflect the current state of the system =
of the +REQUIRED BY packages may be missing for installed packages.

I would like to find any easy way that I could verify the requirements
versus a clean CVS checkout of pkgsrc, to list any installed packages =
have packages they require installed to run and may have been removed.=20

I have looked through the man pages for pkg_chk,,pkglint, pkg_info, etc. =
am not finding what I am looking for.=A0=20

It would also be nice for such a script/program to be able to optionally
clean up inconsistencies in the /var/db/pkg entries, and to install =
+REQUIRED BY entries.

If I=92m missing the appropriate commands in the man pages, please point =
me in
the right direction.=A0=20

Thanks in advance,

Rob Mohr