Subject: Re: Quick and dirty embedded OS
To: None <>
From: Brian Rose <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/18/2004 14:09:40
Jason R. Fink wrote:
>>Are there any howtos on how to get NetBSD onto a low end PDA (like the Palm 
>>M series)? The boss is starting to get curious about these types of 
>>platforms and I'd like to make a simple presentation without breaking the 
> FWIW for fun I picked up an IDE flash and did a direct install
> of the base system (no X, no manual etc.) and it worked without 
> a hitch.
> 	j

For a x86 peecee? Or a PDA? Which PDA?

I work developing embedded devices and all of our code is in assembly for 
our custom design (not x86). I'd like to show a system that highlights the 
benefits of using open source on commodity hardware, and how quickly new 
ideas can be realized. Since the chief is not an engineering guy, if I 
bring in a PC box, it will not have the same impact as a PDA.

What I need is a marketing demo to show the power of open source software. 
The jist of my presentation should be like this (loaded with marketing 

"See, I can develop custom software on any hardware. Using standard 
software tools and practices will allow us to leverage commodity hardware 
and designs and improve our time to market for new ideas. Furthermore, I 
can do this more cost effectively than if we used commercial tools." Blah, 
blah, blah.

I was hoping to get something running on a Palm M series, since they can be 
had on ebay for about $50US.