Subject: pkgsrc-2004Q3 maintained?
To: None <>
From: Roman Kennke <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/17/2004 18:20:19
Hi list,

It has been announced, that the 2004Q3 branch of the pkgsrc
tree is the current stable tree and that all maintainance
takes place there. Does this mean that I can expect
security updates and corrections be submitted there? I am
asking because I noticed that for instance Mozilla Firefox
is still at 0.10 there (which has security flaws according
to audit-packages), and 0.10.1 is in the latest CVS of
pkgsrc. There are other examples, like tiff-3.6.1. Should I
submit bugs regarding these issues, or do I understand
something wrong here? I don't like the idea of always
running the latest CVS pkgsrc tree very much.

Please point me to the proper list, if it isn't this one.

Kind regards,