Subject: straw poll: build your own kernel?
To: None <>
From: Carl Alexander <xela@MIT.EDU>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/14/2004 16:52:19
I recently ran into someone who said he uses the GENERIC
kernel on production systems, and this really surprised 
me:  I've always built custom kernels.  Later I got to
wondering which approach is more prevalent.  So I'd like
to conduct an informal poll:  

For those of you who use NetBSD in production environments,
do you run GENERIC or build your own kernel?  For the sake
of bandwidth I'd rather keep this off the list and summarize,
so please express your opinion by sending mail to 

with a subject of either 'generic' or 'custom'.  I'll post
a summary here on Nov. 1.

(I'm asking people to reply off-list purely for the sake
of signal-to-noise ratio:  I don't want to be the guy whose
post generates dozens of essentially zero content messages
to the list.  If people want to discuss _why_ they do it the
way they do, I certainly wouldn't want to discourage that.)

Thanks in advance,

---Carl Alexander