Subject: Re: Squid vs. WWWOffle vs. ...?
To: Benjamin Walkenhorst <>
From: Dick Davies <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/12/2004 16:30:17
* Benjamin Walkenhorst <> [1006 16:06]:

> Squid, I hear, is hard to configure.

Not really, you just need to grant access to the IP ranges you want to
proxy for. Other than that it works out of the box.

> Any remarks?

Squid is pretty good - you will probably have to recompile your kernel
for it to play nice though (see the message it spits out when you build it
from pkgsrc).

> OTOH I don't want to spend endless hours setting this thing up - I 
> mainly want a web cache.

The other tweaks you mention are detailed in:

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