Subject: Speedy CVS Updates
To: None <>
From: dieter <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/09/2004 10:46:11
Hey all,

Some time ago I was bored waiting for a cvs update to complete and I 
started writing a script to update CVS trees more efficiently. This was 
more complicated than I thought but I'm already quite happy with the 
result. (It's not yet perfect, though.) If you're interested in saving 
your and NetBSD CVS server's resources and time, give it a try...

The script is called scu (Speedy CVS Updates) and you can find it on .

The idea is that it's silly to crawl through the whole tree when in fact 
only a few files changed and it is known which files and in what way they 
changed. (It is known because all the information needed is mailed to 
-changes mailing lists.) First I let procmail pipe these mails through a 
perl script which creates logfiles. SCU downloads these logfiles to 
determine what needs to be updated.

All comments welcome... ;)



 	There is virtue in doing the right thing just for
 	the sake of doing it right.  -- Nicholas Petreley