Subject: Re: Verifying and updating NetBSD
To: Anand Buddhdev <>
From: Asmodehn <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/07/2004 20:18:52
Anand Buddhdev a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> I am a NetBSD newbie, mostly used to RedHat Fedora so far. I have 
> recently installed NetBSD 1.6.2/i386 on a server. The installation was 
> not smooth. The system already had Debian on it, which I chose to 
> overwrite, and let NetBSD use the entire disk. However, on first boot, I 
> got the error "invalid partition table", and the server would not boot. 
> I repeated the installation, following the same steps, but I got the 
> same error. Finally, I booted a linux system and using the linux fdisk, 
> erased all the partitions from the disk, after which, an installation of 
> NetBSD went well. The reason I resorted to linux was that I did not know 
> how to erase all the partitions using the NetBSD fdisk on the install 
> CD. Reading the manpage did not make it any clearer. I tried using the 
> -u option to interactively modify the partition table, and put 0 for the 
> start and end points of the partitions, but it did not appear to chnage 
> the table. Have I missed something?
  the fdisk in 1.6 releases is a bit tricky to use, it has been quite 
improved in 2.0... as well as the installer

I dont have enough elements to find out why there where an invalid 
partition table, but you do the right think (I would have used netbsd 
fdisk from the install CD obviously ;) )

to erase a partition you just have to mark the  to enter 0 as sysid, 
when you update it, as I can remember... an fdisk -l gives you the sysid 
you can use.

Anyway, my advise would be to use the release 2 when it will be 
available ;) Especialy if you jave to manipulate partitions. In the last 
fdisk version, you dont have to compute the sectors in your head ;)