Subject: Re: system backup options?
To: Brian <>
From: Byron Servies <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/06/2004 21:12:59
On Oct 6, 2004, at 8:43 PM, Brian wrote:

> I will shortly have a 200gig external firewire drive on my G4=20
> (10.2.8), and I was wondering about partitioning it, formatting one=20
> partition as whatever-format-is-appropriate,  and using  it to backup=20=

> up my NetBSD (1.6.1, Cobalt Qube II) installation (backup across the=20=

> network).
> =A0
> If anyone can recommend a tool or two (or even a fancy use of tar)=20
> that I could use to back up across the network, I'd appreciate=20
> pointers.=A0 I'd very much like to be able to archive my working =
> system before trying to update to a newer release.  Especially with=20
> the recent pkgsrc posts.

I've found this to be handy:


I don't do the whole disk, what with the OS restore CD being so handy. =20=

Just /home, /etc, /usr/pkg, and  /usr/local.