Subject: SSH question
To: None <>
From: James Gray <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/06/2004 12:33:50
Please forgive my ignorance, but i have a question about SSH

I have a network whick looks like this:

                                             |                      |   
               |                           |
                                        SCD0            SCD1            
Filebox                 Other Workstations

IPCop runs IPCop linux, SCD0 runs windows 2000, and SCD1 and filebox 
both run netbsd 1.6.2

filebox, as the name might suggest, is a file server, sharing through 
both samba and nfs. It has no console hardware, access is through SSH 
form scd0 (using putty) and scd1

I sometimes ssh into filebox, and download files.

Is it possible to disconnect the ssh session from filebox, for example, 
to download a large file, but leaving the abity to turn the workstation 
SCD0 or SCD1 off, with a way of resuming the session as it was when 
disconnected, so the file will download without needing the remote 
machine to stay connected?