Subject: Re: Adaptec SATA 2810SA raid controller card
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/05/2004 18:22:52
> I tested these changes on 20_RC3 and, with some latitude, the
> changes on 1.6.2 and found that the the card works on both
> operating systems.  Thank you for your help!

You're welcome.

> A few further questions:
> - would it be possible to integrates these changes with the 1.6
>   branch as well as the 2 branch?

Yes, I'll submit a pull-up request shortly for both branches.

> - I configured 4 drives into a raid 5 set which I then broke by
> turning the one drive off. The card emitted a loud beeping
> confirming the problem. The driver man page indicates that I
> should see diagnostics sent to the console..... and I do get an
> IO error from ld0 and fsbn errors from the file system that I
> am writing. Should I - or can I - get anything further from
> this?

I would have thought that a raid 5 set would actually hide the
I/O error from the ld layer.  If I've not misunderstood
completely, the whole point of raid5 is to be able to continue
operation with one component which has failed.  In other words, I
would not have expected an IO error from ld0 or fsbn errors from
the file system in this case.

> Also - is it possible to get comprehensive stats from the raid
> controller card. Is there an API that permits this. Does the
> API include the ability to control the card?  i.e. rebuild the
> raid set via ioctls sent to the raid controller?

Sorry, I'll have to say "pass" on these; you require comments
from someone familiar with the hardware and the innards of the
driver, and that isn't me...


- H=E5vard