Subject: Re: Adaptec SATA 2810SA raid controller card
To: Havard Eidnes <>
From: Mark Randelhoff <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/05/2004 15:40:35
I tested these changes on 20_RC3 and, with some latitude, the changes on 
1.6.2 and found that the the card works on both operating systems.
Thank you for your help !

A few further questions:
- would it be possible to integrates these changes with the 1.6 branch as 
well as the 2 branch ?

- I configured 4 drives into a raid 5 set which I then broke by turning the 
one drive off. The card emitted a loud beeping confirming the problem. The 
driver man page indicates that I should see diagnostics sent to the 
console..... and I do get an IO error from ld0 and fsbn errors from the 
file system that I am writing. Should I - or can I - get anything further 
from this ?

Also - is it possible to get comprehensive stats from the raid controller 
card. Is there an API that permits this. Does the API include the ability 
to control the card ? i.e. rebuild the raid set via ioctls sent to the raid 
controller ?


>It seems the support is in -current.  If you want to test a patch
>to get this to work on the 2.0 release candidates, you could do
>as follows:
>% cd /usr/src/sys/dev/pci
>% cvs diff -kk -r1.621 -r1.622 pcidevs | patch
>% make -f Makefile.pcidevs
>% cvs diff -kk -r1.9 -r1.10 aac_pci.c | patch
>and make a new kernel from the result.  Please tell me if you go
>ahead with this and the result works as intended.  It is probably
>too late to get this included in the 2.0 release, but if this
>works out I'll make sure it'll be in at least 2.1.