Subject: Re: raidframe recovery
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/04/2004 15:52:27
On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 10:16:08AM -0400, David Maxwell wrote:
> b) You had a kernel with 'options RAID_AUTOCONFIG', and the volume set
> to autoconfig (raidctl -A yes), and you're now booting a kernel that
> doesn't.
> So:
> Do a 'raidctl -c raid0.conf raid0', where raid0.conf is the config file
> you used to create the RF volume. If, due to your disk being removed,
> your device names have changed, you'll need to update the conf file to
> match their new names. Raidctl won't let you remap the volume with the
> devices in the wrong order, it will give an error and stop the
> operation.

I'm still stuck (NetBSD 2.0E/i386 5 May 2004):

# cat /etc/raid0.conf
START array
1 2 0

START disks

START layout
128 1 1 1

START queue
fifo 100

and its wd1 that's dead. If I boot with or without wd1 plugged in:

Hosed component: /dev/wd2a
Hosed component: /dev/wd1a
raid0: Component /dev/wd1a being configured at col: 0
         Column: 0 Num Columns: 0
         Version: 0 Serial Number: 0 Mod Counter: 0
         Clean: No Status: 0
/dev/wd1a has a different modfication count: 268 0
Number of columns do not match for: /dev/wd1a
/dev/wd1a is not clean!
raid0: Component /dev/wd2a being configured at col: 1
         Column: 1 Num Columns: 2
         Version: 2 Serial Number: 35710 Mod Counter: 268
         Clean: No Status: 0
/dev/wd2a has a different serial number: 0 35710
/dev/wd2a is not clean!
raid0: There were fatal errors
RAIDFRAME: failed rf_ConfigureDisks with 22
# raidctl -c /etc/raid0.conf raid0
raidctl: ioctl (RAIDFRAME_CONFIGURE) failed: Invalid argument