Subject: Retrieving from multiple mailboxes with getmail/Courier-IMAP
To: NetBSD-Users <>
From: Benjamin Walkenhorst <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 10/03/2004 15:59:35
Hello everyone,

I've recently started migrating from Sylpheed to Thunderbird.
Unfortunately I was unable to import my old mailbox, which is too bad, 
since it contains several thousand messages... =(

In order to avoid future problems like this I've decided to set up a 
local IMAP-server on my NetBSD-machine. I've installed Courier-IMAP and 
getmail. After some minor hassles, the setup basically works now. One 
problem remains, however, and I hope someone is able to give me a hint.
I have two different POP-mailboxes out there I want to retrieve mail from.
Unfortunately, getmail only allows one mailbox per rc-file. I've set up 
two rc-files for the two mailboxes, and manually calling getmail with 
both files on the command line works.
But I don't want to check my mail manually like that. =)

So what is happening here? Does Courier call getmail to retrieve mail?
If so, how do I tell it to call getmail with both rcfiles as parameters?
Or do I have to do that seperately, say, as a cron job?

Kind regards,