Subject: Re: ISP Dialin a peck of trouble
To: Maurizio Caloro <>
From: Petter Lindquist <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/28/2004 09:17:13
Maurizio Caloro wrote:

>any problem Dialin with netbsd 1.6.2
>on my little netbsd machine i have connected 
>a lan card (ex0 with dhcp), and on the serial 
>connection i have install one external  ISDN Modem "Zyxel omni net D"
>after reading many dokus i can connect whery 
>inordinate from 10 attemps 1 is ok :-(, 
>but if the connections is OK the follwowing error appears
>and its not possible to ping any internet site
>"Sep 26 02:17:18 pluto pppd[298]: Couldn't add default route: File exists"
>i dont have any defaultroute or mygate entries

what does 'route show' tell  you?