Subject: Re: configuring raid5 array with raidframe problem..
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/09/2004 16:48:49
> 2. I created slice on netbsd parttion
> disklabel -i wd1
> I choose slice a, fs type raid, size -until the end of patition
> disklabel wd1 > d.label
> disklabel -R -r wd2 d.label
> disklabel -R -r wd3 d.label
> 3. - raid configuration file.. raid0.conf
> START array
> 1 3 0
> START disks
> /dev/wd1a
> /dev/wd2a
> /dev/wd3a

An error it is easy to do here is to let the individual components
(such as /dev/wd1a) of the raid array start at the beginning of the
'c' partition of the disk (assuming i386, 'c' is the "raw partition"
and specifies where the BSD disklabel is located).  Not offsetting the
components from the 'c' partition will cause your BSD disklabel to be
overwritten by raidframe, and it's pretty much downhill from there.

Offset 'a' a little inwards, and it'll work better.

If this isn't the trap you've fallen into I don't know what to
suggest, and would need more concrete information about the
configuration and the exact error message to give further advice.


- H=E5vard