Subject: Re: configuring raid5 array with raidframe problem..
To: David Maxwell <>
From: andrej misovic <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/09/2004 16:33:14
David Maxwell wrote:
 > It will help a lot if you show your raid configuration files, and the
 > series of commands you're running.

I got installed system on wd0..

1. I crated netbsd partition on each disk..

fdisk -u wd1,2,3
(I select partition 0, for whole's start from 63 sect.)

2. I created slice on netbsd parttion

disklabel -i wd1

I choose slice a, fs type raid, size -until the end of patition

disklabel wd1 > d.label
disklabel -R -r wd2 d.label
disklabel -R -r wd3 d.label

3. - raid configuration file.. raid0.conf

START array
1 3 0

START disks

START layout
64 1 1 5

START queue
fifo 100

then I initialized array with:
raidctl -C /path/to/raid0.conf raid0

--and after that..raidctl outputs error
about hosed component, that in this case
was /dev/wd2a, which was secundary master disk..

next initialization steps I didn't make,
because I think, it was unnecessary to gone ahead..




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