Subject: configuring raid5 array with raidframe problem..
To: None <>
From: andrej misovic <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/09/2004 15:12:43
hello list & greg also:)

I've got problem with creating new raid array..
I tried to create raid 5 array from 3 ata disks..
(in that i386 box are 4 equivalent disks.., one is disk system only)

I created everything as is needable, but when I inicialize
array, everytime a disk, which is master on cable is marked
as hosed..

I change the combination of disk x times, switch between cables,
and this behaviour is same on each channel..
disk which is switch as primary is marked as hosed..

I dont know, that this should be disk controller issue,
or I made mistake, or misunderstood something?

thanks a lot!


P.S> I run netbsd 2.0beta


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