Subject: Re: Allow non-root users to access to CD-ROM and Floppy
To: Aaron J. Grier <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/04/2004 14:40:41
In message <>, "Aaron J. Grier" wri
>On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 10:16:11AM -0400, Jan Schaumann wrote:
>> James Gray <> wrote:
>> > Hello, I am trying to allow not root users to access CD-ROM and Floppy 
>> > drives.
>> How about amd(8)?
>> I've been using that for floppy, cdrom and USB sticks, which works quite
>> well.  Users just have to 'cd /auto/cd' or 'cd /auto/floppy' or 'cd
>> /auto/stick' and the device will be mounted.
>how do you cleanly umount?  have amd flush frequently?

amq -u mountpoint.  double-check with 'amq', since -u is a hint that 
will silently fail if the device is in use.

		--Steve Bellovin,