Subject: Re: Flash for *BSD Petition
To: None <>
From: Charles Shannon Hendrix <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 09/02/2004 21:30:40
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 @ 12:51 -0400, Louis Guillaume said:

> >Who says it isn't?
> >
> >There is no WWW without HTML.  HTML is the hypertext standard for the
> >WWW.
> >
> Certainly it's the basis and the standard. However it's not the only 
> thing out there. 

OK... what else is out there then?

I haven't exactly been under a rock, and I've never heard anything about
something besides HTML as the markup for the WWW.

I suspect anything you might be thinking about is NOT the WWW.

Like Gopher... that's not the WWW.

Of course, these days the average Joe thinks that WWW == Internet,
and all sorts of nonsense like that.  That's one reason it is so
hard to fight problems by educating people.  They've been thoroughly

> It's really up to what the browsers will support.

Interesting thought.

> >They are putting PostScript in web pages?  Ick...
> >
> Adobe's Acrobat reader plugin has been there since the dawn of plugins, 
> I believe.

That's a bit different though.  It's used when you need page layout, and
that's the proper thing to do.

Having your browser launch that is just a convienience.

I thought you were saying they were creating pages that you navigated
that had PostScript code embedded.

> Yeah, it probably won't happen, but maybe Macromedia may take the high 
> road and hook us up with an open source dev. kit for flash content 
> (speaking of snowballs in hell) :)

You never know.

shannon "AT" -- ["Work for something because it is good, not
just because it stands a chance to succeed." -- Vaclav Havel]