Subject: way OT: Iwo and Iwa (Re: Where's the Logo?)
To: None <>
From: Joel Rees <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 08/15/2004 17:08:32
Todd Vierling corrected me off list:

> Just FYI:
>> ...
>>  * The Iwo(sp) Jima
> "Iwo" would be historically accurate and most commonly recognized. 
> "Iwa" is a crag,

Crag Island would be Iwashima, which is another place (several places 
have that name, actually).

Iou is sulphur, and Iwojima is Sulphur Island. In modern romanization 
it would be Iojima, according to the Encyclopaedia site. According to 
at least one Japanese site I found, it might actually be read Ioto (or 
Ioutou, depending on how literally the transliteration is handled).

>  but Japanese is not written in Latin alphabet, so there is no 
> particularly "correct" spelling of the name of the island.

I guess I should unpack that assertion since I made it. There are 
several romanization methods in use, the most common group of methods 
in current use is collectively called the Hepburn method. (That's a 
singular reference, in spite of the plurality of methods). The Hepburn 
method is (not co-incidentally) closely related to the keyboard input 
methods used to enter Japanese text -- not identical, but closely 

Thanks again, Todd.

Joel Rees
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