Subject: Re: Need to run a .jar file
To: Jean-Luc Wasmer <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/27/2004 17:06:17
Jean-Luc Wasmer wrote:
>>     java -jar c07-sip-r2.jar -touri he@them.invalid -teardown -validcase
>> Being a complete java idiot, I figured I could just install jdk from 
>> pkgsrc and I would get what I wanted, but that seems not to be the 
>> case. When I run the java binary in the jdk's bin directory, it says 
>> it doesn't recognize the -jar option.
>> So what do I need to do to run .jar files?

To the original poster:

Which JDK are you using? The native one from pkgsrc is probably too old
(v1.1.8). I use the Linux JDK from lang/sun-jdk14, which works fine for
me, but it wont be of any use if you're not on an i386 platform.

> This should work. What does the java binary say if you call it with no
> arguments.
> JL
> PS: I don't think this problem should be posted on a NetBSD list.

It probably should be posted on this list, as running Java on NetBSD 
isn't as simple as grabbing a JDK from Sun.