Subject: Re: home end keys do not work
To: None <>
From: Lubos Vrbka <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/16/2004 17:46:28

> I don't think so. The Problem is that ksh can't bind sequences with more 
> than two chars. So i asked google and found this:
> What i have now in my kshrc is this:
>  # Bind POS1, END and DEL keys
>  bind '^XH'=beginning-of-line      # POS1/HOME
>  bind '^XF'=end-of-line            # END
>  bind '^[[3'=prefix-2              # DEL
>  bind '^[[3~'=delete-char-forward  # DEL
> That works for me when TERM is xterm (HOME/END will not work when TERM 
> is screen).
i'll give it a try (unfortunately i cannot do it right now)... thanks a 
lot to all who replied and helped me to be a little bit more informed 
about all this stuff :)