Subject: Firefox and plugins
To: None <>
From: Florence HENRY <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/16/2004 14:52:12

There is something I do not understand with Firefox and its plugins. I
installed with a recent pkgsrc firefox-bin, firefox-bin-java,
firefox-bin-acroread5, firefox-bin-realplayer and firefox-bin-flash.

As firefox-bin-java (and the other ones) depend on the firefox-bin
package, I first thought that I would manage to see java applets under

It is not the case :  firefox-bin installs its files within
/usr/pkg/lib/firefox-netbsd, and firefox-bin-java installs them within
/usr/pkg/lib/firefox-linux. So does this mean that the firefox plugins are
linux binaries and firefox itself is a netbsd binary ?

Then, if it is true, it is normal that I cannot see the java applets. In
addition, typing "about:plugins" in the addresse bar returns a page saying
"no plugins found". Same result if I make

cd /usr/pkg/lib/firefox-netbsd
ln -sf /usr/pkg/lib/firefox-linux/plugins

I think that I need a linux version of firefox, but I cannot find it in
the pkgsrc...

Can anybody tell me what I did not understand well ? Because I cannot
imagine that it is impossible to run firefox and its java plugin on a
Netbsd -current running on i386 !

Thanks for ant hint !

Florence HENRY