Subject: PCI Raid controllers
To: None <>
From: Mark Randelhoff <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/14/2004 16:13:12
Please would someone recommend a fairly recently released PCI SATA 
(hardware) raid controller.
I am looking for a controller that will support up to 8 drives.

I have tried the 3ware Escalade 9000 series and found that NetBSD does not 
support it. The local vendor no longer supplies the 8000 series controllers 
as they appear to be end of line. (I tried adding the pci ids for the 9000 
but still would not work). There is a FreeBSD driver for the card and I 
have looked at porting it - but frankly - I am out of my depth here. Is 
anyone planning to integrate a driver for this card in the future ??

I have tried an LSI Logic Megaraid 150-4. This model only offers a 4 or 6 
drive option. I have also found that the actual card I have will not 
support past 130G drives. I am testing with 2*400G Hitachi's. I am awaiting 
confirmation from the vendor that there is a bios upgrade to address this 
problem - since it sounds like it is the standard 48 bit addressing 
problem. This card is also a little old.

I have seen mails warning about the promise raid controllers. Do these 
warnings still hold ?