Subject: Can anyone help me figure out how to do custome pkgsrc ocmpiles?
To: NetBSD users <>
From: Sam Carleton <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/14/2004 08:26:00

I am following along this howto that does a lot of custom compiles
of different packages.  I keep lookin at the Makefile of the
pkgsrc to see if I can figure out how to change the options, at
times I can and other times I cannot.

Is there ONE way with pkgsrc to add configuration options?  Here
is an example of the options I want with courier imap, but
customized for pkgsrc install:

./configure  --prefix=/usr/local/courier \
	--enable-workarounds-for-imap-client-bugs \
	--with-mysql-libs=/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql \
	--with-mysql-includes=/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql/ \
	--with-authmysql --with-authmysql=yes \
	--with-authchangepwdir --enable-unicode --with-trashquota

There are many others, like maildrop, php, etc.  The web site I am
following is:  <>