Subject: Re: fxp0 nic and the 82562
To: Mark Randelhoff <>
From: Felix Deichmann <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/07/2004 16:27:27
Mark Randelhoff wrote:

> I had a preinstalled NetBSD 1.6.2_Stable drive which I used to boot the 
> motherboard. On the first boot there was a warning regarding the EEPROM 
> and an instruction to reset the system before using the nic.
> On the second boot the same warning appeared but the mac address was set 
> from what looks a valid address to all 0xF's.
> The two boot excerpts shown below are from exactly the same machine - 
> the second boot following the first by about 5 minutes.

Oh my...

Search for "NetBSD 
ruined my NIC??"
Quite a long thread, but there is some kind of fix/repair mentioned for 
your (probably) damaged EEPROM.

Good luck!