Subject: xp won't boot after installing netbsd boot selector
To: None <>
From: Thomas devreese <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/03/2004 01:41:55
Hi, I had to install windows xp next to netbsd. The xp setup installs its 
own boot selector so netbsd couldn't be started anymore.

I booted to netbsd with the live cd and did
fdisk -i -c /usr/mdec/mbr_bootsel wd0
fdisk -B wd0

I now get the option to load netbsd and windows.
Netbsd works, xp starts but hangs before the login screen.

Any ideas to solve this?
Maybe I can start netbsd from the windows boot menu, but the documentation 
seems outdated for xp.

Many thanks in advance!
Thomas Devreese

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