Subject: Re: Re: [ freebsd_compat ] - kqueue error with nget
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 07/01/2004 15:34:39
On Thu, Jul 01 2004 - 08:01, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Joel CARNAT wrote:
> >Here's what I get :
> >$ /emul/freebsd/usr/local/bin/nget -a
> >grouplist: invalid line 10658 (3 toks)
> >make_connection(1,,nntp,0xbfbfe40c,512)
> >Bad system call (core dumped)
> By the way, "nget" builds native and runs fine on NetBSD 1.6.2 and on 
> 2.0_BETA. It's a little tricky to build the CVS checkout, because it 

well... I first did a pkgsrc for it.
I can't get a native binary ("nget -a" is OK).
But a have trouble when trying to retrieve articles...
That's why I wanted to try the FreeBSD version... (thought my pkgsrc
could be wrong in some way)

> expects a local copy of uulib to be in the build tree. (The tarballs 
> are all set up with that, but they're not updated as frequently.) I've 
> been meaning to create patches to build against an installed uulib, 
> and package it all. I recommend checking out the Sourceforge CVS and 
> giving it a try. The pace of development is slow, yet active -- the 
> author, Matthew Mueller has been very responsive to inquiries in the 
> Sourceforge forum, and to "doesn't build" reports.

I'll try with a newer version (I have build 0.26)

> Frederick