Subject: Pausing audio
To: None <>
From: Ian McIntosh <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 06/28/2004 14:25:21
Hi all,

I am currently writing a audio player application on netBSD 1.6.2_STABLE.
I am using the audio and mixer controls as described in
(referenced from a man audio). I have been able to successfully play audio
but am currently struggling to get the audio to pause and then resume from
paused state. The man page on audio indicates that if I set the pause flag
in the
audio_prinfo struct (using AUDIO_SETINFO ioctl) then the audio should stop
outputting from its buffer until the flag is cleared. However when doing
nothing appears to happen and the audio continues playing. When I check
the pause flag using audioctl -a I see that it is in fact equal to 1,
however the
audio buffer is still outputing data. I am currently at a loss as to what to
Have I misunderstood how the audio pause flag is supposed to work? I
would very much appreciate some tips on how to get the audio to pause

Thank you in advance for any advice. I apologise if this is the incorrect
forum for this question but I am unsure which forum to send this query

Ian McIntosh